Meet Our Team of Yoga Nerds!

Check out Ryan's Website!

Check out Ryan's Website!

Ryan Cunningham

Studio Director

In 2016, after managing and teaching at Back Bay Yoga Studio for 6 years, I was lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity to take over as Director of Bow Street Yoga. It was a no-brainer. I am thrilled to be a part of this community and excited to help Bow Street thrive a small neighborhood practice space. 

I spend a lot of time thinking about what yoga is. Though the answer is always evolving, I feel that Yoga is both a point of view and a set of tools which has been helpful to me. It’s continually helps me recover from injury, relieve stress, think, study and even challenge myself. I love to dive into the complexity of these practices while simultaneously being in awe of their simplicity. From that appreciation I like to teach students to be pragmatic and independent practitioners, both in public classes at my studio - Bow Street Yoga - and in my 1-on-1 teaching. 

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Theresa Briggs

To Theresa, yoga is the possibility of change.  It is a practice in paying attention: to the alignment and sensations of the postures, the rhythm of the breath, and to the emotions and thoughts arising in each moment.  This increased awareness provides a choice- a space in which to take a breath instead of just reacting.  Her classes aim to cultivate this attention through slow movement, interoception, and humor.  Her own practice provides relief from anxiety and overanalyzing, a more comfortable body, and so much joy and appreciation for life.  She teaches at Bow Street Yoga in Union Square, a small neighborhood studio she founded in 2009.  

Theresa has been studying yoga for over a decade.  She completed her initial 200-hour training through Open Doors Yoga Studios in her hometown of Weymouth, MA.  Her teaching has been heavily influenced by seven years of studying with Barbara Benagh in Boston, and she completed her 500 hour training with Barbara is 2014.  She has also studied under Richard Freeman and completed his 200 hour Teachers’ Intensive in Boulder 2014.  She is also a certified Movement and Structural Analyst through KMI with Tom Myers.  She is passionate about anatomy and loves to teach beginners. 

Fez Aswat


Fez Aswat has been teaching yoga and meditation in the Boston area since 2001. He views his yoga practice as both a natural extension of and a pathway back to his meditation practice which serves as the basis of his teaching. As a two time cancer survivor, a musician, a husband and a father, Fez regards yoga as an invaluable and necessary practice for the maintenance of his own well-being which allows him to connect to the capacity to help others with the practice. He works closely with his teacher, Tom Alden, and has also studied extensively with Barbara Benagh, Patricia Walden, Arthur Kilmurray and Jin Sung.


I’ve been practicing yoga since 2000, and teaching since 2009. One of the things I admire most about the practice is its ability to help me cultivate awareness, clarity of mind, and a deep sense of ease in my body and in my life. I find yoga interesting, humbling, fascinating, and fun. I enjoy contemplating and practicing the more secular teachings of Buddhism and practice insight meditation at the Cambridge Insight Mediation Center and the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. 

Though my work as a mindfulness and body-based psychotherapist in Cambridge, I help clients find peace with food and feel at home in their bodies. The healing potential that comes from these awareness practices never ceases to amaze me.

I completed my 200-hour certification at Prana Power Yoga, and have since studied a variety of forms with many teachers, including (but not at all limited to) Alex Amorosi, Peter Crowley, Josh Summers, Sarah Powers, and Barbara Benagh.

Check out Sukriti's Website!

Check out Sukriti's Website!

Sukriti Dabral

Hi, I’m Sukriti (she/her/hers).  I’m a body-positive Indian-American yoga teacher, whose connection to the practice began as a child.  Raised Hindu, I learned philosophy and meditation from my family.  As an adult in brain-heavy Boston, I found myself stressed, anxious and uncomfortably directionless, until in late 2010 when I wandered into an asana class and learned what a powerful form of medicine it can be.  I’ve been practicing, learning and teaching whoever wants to listen, ever since.

In 2013 I studied with Cat Kabira in her 200hr Yoga and Energetics Level I teacher training, learning that a deep sense of empowerment arises from core connection and tuning into one’s energetic states.  I also completed Barbara Benagh’s 500hr In-Depth Studies and The Art of Teaching program in 2015, and with the added influence of Sarah Powers’ teachings continue to study the subtle aspects of an unhurried practice.

I weave together what I’ve learned of the gross body, energetics, breath, movement and meditation, in order to give students new access to increased wellness and also a deeper sense of self-knowledge.  My ultimate goal is for students to cultivate ease, strength, and trust starting with a more attuned relationship with their own bodies.  

Check out Jenn's Website!

Check out Jenn's Website!

Jenn Falk

A life long lover of movement, Jenn Falk has been teaching yoga since 2006. She strives for a balanced class & practice that releases tension from the body, stress from the mind, and enhances love in the heart. With a family to care for, she aims to stay attentive to a simple and creative pace of life, to live in rhythm with the seasons & lunar cycles, and continue to grow and learn through it all.


Lindsay has been teaching in the Boston area since 2006. The thing that draws her to the practice is teaching – sharing this practice with students, and helping them to notice what's going on in their bodies and discovering what yoga means for them. Her classes are slow and thoughtful, asking you to think about either the bolster you're releasing into or the warrior you're living in. Over the years Lindsay has been fortunate enough to study with some truly amazing and inspiring teachers – Bonnie Argo, Nicole Clark, Todd Norian, Ann Greene, and Judith Hansen Lasater. She has also enjoyed deepening her understanding of connecting to students through Craniosacral study with Hugh Milne.


Jess Hicks


Ryan Hill

I simply adore the yoga practice, in the geekiest way. After extensive study at South Boston Yoga, I participated in their 500-hour teacher training in 2009. I heard the calling profoundly and took the leap, leaving my career in architecture to wait tables and practice. Today, yoga has moved from flirtation to love affair. I've been teaching and giving bodywork full-time for 6 years! The way I move changes so much year to year and the influence of Richard Freeman and my recent 500 hour with Barbara Benagh have settled me down and held me up. I spend my time addressing the 'special needs,' the experience, the human, rather than the show and prefer not to play music. The ability to focus on what's going on inside is just too good!

Nothing makes me more enthusiastic than sharing my experience. I believe that no one style of yoga holds the key to understanding ourselves. My deepest gratitude goes out to the teachers who have influenced me most, opening the doors of my heart: David & Todd of South Boston Yoga, Cat Kabira, Richard Freeman and Barbara Benagh.


Alexandra Kenney

I found yoga at first in high school. Over the years it has served as a meditation, a vigorous physical exercise, a gentle medicine to heal aches and pains, a way to connect - perhaps for the first time, to my body in a way that made me feel less like a little cartoon brain driving a clumsy meat suit around town. My preference and practice have changed dramatically over the years, as I’m sure they will continue to do over years to come.

Perhaps because my own experience with yoga has served so many different purposes and helped me in so many different ways, my classes I like to offer classes that allow practitioners to take what they need. My training, done through Back Bay Yoga with Lynne Begier, Ryan Cunningham and Sarah Sturges, had a pretty strong focus on vinyasa. I like the fluidity and cleanliness of movements linked through breath, so I try to keep transitions in my classes as smooth as possible - but this isn’t to say that they are always what you’d consider a vinyasa class. Without the strength to hold ourselves up, and access to the muscles that carry us, I think we miss a great deal - so there will be work. There may be sweat. But I also try to keep a balance between the arduous physicality of yoga, and the gentler release it can offer. I love a bolster or two, but I also like to know that I’ve earned it. 

You’re likely reading this because you’re want to know what my classes are like, or what to expect out of my sequences, who I have been influenced by. So many teachers - too many to name - have shaped the way I experience and share the practice. But there are factors beyond yoga that are deeply rooted in my teaching. You’ll find just as much Ryan Cunningham in my classes as you will Elvira or Noel Fielding. So expect whimsy, expect sass, expect a few long holds, and usually, a bolster or two.


Christyn Schroeder 

A teacher to people of all ages, Christyn’s creative classes encourage students to embody their innately curious nature, leading to a more authentic understanding of themselves and the impact they hope to make outside of the yoga studio. Her yoga education has been diverse and deep.  Since beginning her yoga journey with Iyengar yoga while still in high school, Christyn has dipped her toe into many traditions, completing numerous trainings along the way. She has studied in depth with both Shiva Rea and Barbara Benagh (who she considers to be she main teacher now), as well as spent a year studying anatomy and movement therapy with Tom Myers.

Christyn is deeply passionate about the profound benefits yoga can bring to kids.  In 2007 she founded KidPowerment Yoga, which brings yoga to more than 500 kids a week in the greater Boston area.  Regarded as an expert in her field, Christyn has presented at the National Children’s Yoga Conference, the National Conference on Children and Homelessness, as well as countless workshops and in-services for teachers. Christyn is based in Boston, but is blessed to be invited to teach around the country and the world.  

She lives by the Thoreau quote, “Be not simply good, be good for something.”


Jade Sylvan

Jade Sylvan is a 200 Hour Kripalu certified yoga teacher with over five years teaching experience. Jade has studied extensively with Barbara Benagh and Bo Forbes, focusing on Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with the latter. Jade came to yoga as a means to deal with depression and chronic pain and found a way of life that they are now thrilled to be able to share with others on their own paths. Jade sees yoga as a way to practice self-care and self-love in order to create a sound container so that the yogi may act out of love and compassion more consistently in the world.