Welcome to Bow Street Yoga!

Bow Street Yoga is a small neighborhood practice space in the heart of Union Square. Our "Faculty" - aka collection of yoga nerds - offer a diverse spectrum of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation based on their own unique experience of yoga. Come practice with us! 

What Makes Bow Street Unique?

Just yoga, no gimmicks! BSY is committed to providing students with a place to learn and practice in an intimate setting. We strive to guide students through a personalized, fun and sustainable yoga practice. 

What Type of Yoga Do we offer?

Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, styles and methods. The common thread is our commitment to offer a thorough and thoughtful yoga class that is both challenging and deeply restful. Newcomers are welcome in any class but are encourage to check out our basics classes if they are newer to yoga! 


First Visit Special!