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Dharma Talk: Patterns, Pain & the Hysterical Art of Being OK

  • Bow Street Yoga 34 Bow Street Somerville, MA, 02143 United States (map)

Dharma Talk: Patterns, Pain & the Hysterical Art of Being OK


with Kate Robinson

I came to yoga from a place of literal necessity, not knowing for sure how yoga was going to get, and help me stay sober, but sensing it was a life boat. I knew on some level it might help me feel slightly better about being alive. This is not new, many recovering addicts find themselves running marathons and compulsively practicing yoga or lifting weights. It's another body-high to chase, that invites more applause & less intervention.

To "let go" is a bullshit term that boils down to trust, and to be free from attachment, or aversion. Yoga helped me let go of behaviors that were killing me. It did this by allowing me to somatically and intellectually disengage from patterns and mindsets that insisted life is anything other than different subtle shades of suffering, and not suffering and the difference between the gradients is often linguistic- having more to do with how you label and hear sensations. How you hear the messages your body is constantly sending you. 

Yoga is a tool that adapts to the handler, based on what they need on a given day, hour, breath. When we demand the practice always look a certain way, appear at a certain frequency, and deliver a particular outcome, we lose much of the potential for longevity of practice.

Becoming more comfortable with pain, and profound discomfort is to be laughably free from patterns that limit your ability to be alive, to perceive life. To get better at listening to your brilliant body is to access clues that can help you get out of or re-frame "pain". 

Sometimes your most dedicated yoga is the occasional yoga of not practicing, and being profoundly ok with that too. 

Reflecting on habits in your yoga practice and in your life, now matter how insignificant they may appear, is to be awake, creative and compassionate, and that might be enough to change, or save a life.

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