Thursday Nights at BSY


Every Thursday evening at 7:30 we invite the community to join us for a special event. Whether it is a Dharma Talk, a Community Class, or a pot luck we hope that these Thursday evening events are a place where the community can gather, learn, and interact! 

Our hope is to make these evening events accessible to all, so while there is a suggested offering of $10 (cash only, please) we won't turn anyone away for lack of funds. Moreover, we will always offer a portion of the proceeds of these events to benefit a local non-profit organization. 

For the month of April 2017, we will be donating funds to Black and Pink ( Black and Pink is a non-profit organization with chapters in Boston and country-wide focused on LGBTQ prisoner support, and ending mass incarceration, as well as prison abolition. Even if you cannot attend the events, we will leave the donation box- along with some literature- at the studio. The total donation will be submitted at the end of the month.


Dharma Talks 

"Dharma" has many meanings, but at it's simplest it refers to the nature of things on a very practical level.  These interactive talks with guest presenters and your favorite Bow Street teachers are chance to learn and discuss yoga beyond the rectangular mat we spend our time on. Topics will be varied, depending on the teachers but a special focus will be given to integrating what we do on the mat/cushion with how we engage with our lives. 

While some teachers may engage in mild movement, these talk are more discussion so you won't need your yoga mat. 


Community Classes

Let's face it, yoga can start to get expensive after a while and practicing at home can be challenging. In an effort to keep our classes affordable we will be offering community classes twice a month on Thursday evenings. These classes are $10 cash drop-in and 50% of the proceeds will go to the featured local non-profit of the month. 

These classes will be lead by your favorite BSY Teachers as well as the occasional guest teacher and are a great way to introduce friends and family to the studio!