Our Classes:


Yep just "Yoga". Our teachers are dedicated yoga practitioners (read: nerds) who are thrilled to share Yoga with you. This class is simply a well-rounded yoga practice. Everyone is welcome!


meditation & dharma

 Always geared to all experience levels, schools and lineages. These classes emphasize the seated practice based on each teacher's unique study into mindfulness and mediation. 




These classes help you build (or refresh) a solid foundation, and learn how to personalize your practice. Newbies and long-time yogis welcome! 



We all lead hectic lives and sometimes we need our Yoga practice to be a low key as possible. These classes feature mostly gentle movement and passive postures - the perfect combo of yin, restorative and relaxation. 


practice lab

 practice lab is a bridge between a guided class and self-practice. The lab session provides a container for students to learn key tools, concepts and techniques and apply them to a self-guided practice. These sessions are generally best for students who have a solid 6 months of practice under their belt and are looking to develop a more individualized practice. Though much of the session is self guided, Ryan is present in the room to give 1-on-1 instruction to the participants throughout the session. While the practice labs begin at the stated times, students are welcome to leave whenever they finish practice.