open space

study. practice. create

Monday - Friday  1:30-5:30pm

The first time I practiced at Bow Street, I thought "wow, this feels like I am practicing in someone's living room." Over the past few months, I've been consideringnew ways to expand our offerings at BSY, and it occurred to me: why not open up our living room so that more of the community can enjoy it? Moreover, why not allow students to use the space to integrate work, practice and study?  

Each weekday starting October 17th we will open the studio to the community as a mindful and quiet space to practice, study, work, create or simply just rest. Students are welcome to utilize our full assortment of yoga props as well as wifi and seated desks. There will also be a small assortment of tea and mugs available for refreshment! 

Open Space will be available from 1:30-5:30pm Mon-Fri for a flat rate of $10 per day (come and go as you please). We are also happy to offer this program to our monthly members free of charge through the end of November.